Off Page Optimization Guide

Are you looking for a better way to perform your off page optimization activities in order to boost your rankings in search results?

With this guide to Off Page Optimization, you will learn some different approaches to off page optimization and how it impacts your overall rankings in search results.

Within this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Offpage SEO Overview
  • Techniques for Offpage Optimizations

By studying this guide, you will be confident in your understanding for how off page optimization affects your SEO, and impacts your ability to attract new web visitors from search engines.

Off Page Optimization

When it comes to Off Page Optimization, there are several things to consider.  Essentially, you have your website, your competitors’ websites and search engine algorithms to think about.

SEO Off Page Optimization

To simplify things, understand that there are two main realms of SEO: Off Page Optimization and On Page Optimization.  To learn about On Page Optimization, go here, but basically On Page Optimization has to do with anything happening (and within your control) on your website.  While Off Page Optimization involves the practices you do to get SEO benefits from the activities you do outside of the website itself.

What’s your off page SEO strategy like now?

Some examples of Off Page SEO, includes:

  • Posting links on your social media profiles
  • Getting your business listed on Yelp, etc
  • Add your link to forum posts

There are several methods for Off Page Optimization, and search engines are becoming aware of the shady practices by black hat marketers.  When you are considering your SEO Off Page Optimization, it’s important to consider the white hat SEO marketing techniques.  By doing so, you’re ensuring that your website’s marketing activities aren’t at risk of receiving penalties in search engines.

Off Page SEO Activities

The activities for Off Page SEO can be in many forms.  The activities to consider also differ based on the type of website you’re promoting.

What type of business do you own?

For example, a local bakery would perform different Off Page SEO techniques than a national eCommerce store.

For off page SEO activities, it’s important to track your progress.  Before you get too carried away with the off page SEO activities, it’s good to start with a baseline for your website’s data analytics.  From there, you can then measure the effectiveness of your SEO activities.

Off Page Optimization Techniques

Techniques for Off Page Optimization revolve around the use of backlinks and social signals.  Since the beginning of popular search engines, the signal for backlinks has always played a part in search engine’s determination for ranking position.  There is some talk of search engines lessening their reliance on backlinks, though, in general backlinks still matter and so do social signals.

How often do you review the new off page optimization techniques?


Several years ago, backlinks were all that mattered for off page SEO, though, things have changed a lot.  With the introduction of Google Penguin, the value of backlinks differed.  Though the backlinks still matter, the search engine algorithm update for Penguin significantly changed the significance of backlinks: it was no longer a-backlink-is-a-backlink-is-a-backlink.

Since that update, shifts in webpage posititionings significantly changed.  A company that might’ve been ranking #1 for years suddenly dropped from the face of the planet.  This, of course, was if that company was hit by a penalty.

What’s your strategy to get backlinks?

The value of backlinks has changed over the years.  In the past, you could buy backlinks and that delivery would improve your rankings.  Nowadays, it’s not that easy.

Backlinks still do matter when ranking webpages, though, you must know how to assess the backlinks’ value.  Unfortunately, there are still uneducated marketers out there that are selling packages for services that will not rank you.

Social Signals

Over recent years, search engines have been considering the social activity as a ranking factor.  In some cases, marketers rely exclusively on social signals as their Off Page SEO technique.  Social signals are becoming more important as search engines continue to improve search results with the User Intent in-mind.

How do you approach the use of social signals for SEO-purposes?

Off-Page Optimization Factors

Known off-page optimization factors vary based on your type of business and market.  For example, an off-page optimization factor would be whether name, address, and physical location are consistent across your local listings (for a local service company), though, local listings wouldn’t apply for a national brand.  Let’s take a look at some of the known off page optimization factors.

What have you seen to be offpage optimization factors that have affected your SEO campaigns?


Off-page Optimization Services

If there’s one type of search marketing activity that commonly gets outsourced (by agencies, too) more than others it is that of off-page optimization services.  For these types of offpage SEO techniques, most companies don’t have the time, resource nor knowledge to perform the off-page SEO inhouse.

What are your service needs?

In addition, learning off-page optimization doesn’t contribute much to organizational learning since the practice of offpage SEO changes so much.  When you’re looking for experts, consider us for services for performing your offpage SEO.

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