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Local SEO in Shawnee, KS

The City of Shawnee is one of the more popular cities in Johnson County, KS.  Since there is a lot of interest to target this local market, there is growing competition in search engines for Shawnee-related search terms.  With a growing population and a local fan base for the Shawnee Mission Northwest Cougars, the City of Shawnee is great for targeting search marketing campaigns.

Since Shawnee is growing, there are becoming more opportunities for targeting search terms for this growing local market.  Shawnee, being within Johnson County, is one of the areas we serve for SEO Services.

Local SEO Wins in Shawnee

Positioned about 15 minutes from Downtown Kansas City and 40 minutes from Lawrence, KS, Shawnee provides a nice upper middle-class lifestyle for many Kansans.  Since Shawnee, KS is one of the more affluent cities in Kansas, it is often an area in which local services and national brands target their marketing spends.  By targeting the local area of Shawnee, advertisers seek to gain buy-in from people in the area for a variety of offers.

Partly due to the expansion of business on the westside of Shawnee and it’s proximity to Lake Quivera, we can only suspect that Shawnee will become a more competitive market to target in the future.  The local SEO Services we provide can help you target this city and related local markets.

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Trend Continues for ‘Shawnee’ Local Searches

A method for forecasting the future is by reviewing the past.  By taking a look at search engine data from Google Trends over the past five years, we can see an upward trend of searches relating to Shawnee.  This trend is promising to companies.  Both, those brick-and-mortar businesses and local service companies can be at ease knowing that there is growth and opportunity in Shawnee, KS.

For small businesses, Shawnee and the surrounding Johnson County Area could provide you with growth opportunities.  For increasing sales growth, a business could target their search marketing efforts on this local market.  A company might succeed in targeting the local market of Shawnee is a few ways, including:

  • Ranking higher in local search results (eg. “lawn care shawnee ks”)
  • Business visibility in social search results (eg #shawneeks)
  • Completing your business listing in Google My Business Search Results (eg. “salon near me”)

Whether you’re targeting the historic side of Shawnee or the newer developments in the city, by targeting the search market in the local area, you’re likely going to be able to get some new customers in a more predictable way.

More Resources for Local Small Business in Shawnee:

The data shows and upward trend of interest in “Shawnee”-related keywords from searchers in the Kansas City Area.  With growing interest in Shawnee, you can capitalize on searchers by implementing geo-campaigns to target the right audience.

SEO Experts to Help You

What types of people are you targeting in Shawnee?  Have you thought about other areas you want to show up high in search results?

As local experts in the market, we can help you:

For example, we review the searches coming from search engines which relate to “Shawnee KS”.  The line of thought with this is that we can produce content to satisfy the user’s question.

When we’re the first to know about this search term, we immediately relay the opportunity to our clients.  When our clients know about new opportunities relating to their product or service– and in their target locations– our clients are better able to respond with higher rankings in search results.  This draws in new customers from search engines, in effect.

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SEO Shawnee KS Keyword Research Report

Here is a report showing 387 new questions and search terms from people that recently searched about “Shawnee KS” in search engines. With this data, we are able to filter the results from hundreds to a few great ideas for our clients. These new search terms give our clients an edge over their competitors, in addition to getting the new web traffic for those search terms in search engines.

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