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Oh, Olathe is a great local market.  If you want to target this city, let us know.

Local SEO in Olathe, KS

Even though it’s been growing over the past several years, it seems that Olathe keeps expanding.  As more people move away from the downtown area, more people are seeking a city, like, Olathe as a great location that’s nice too far from Kansas City, but also not too close.

The City of Olathe is one of the more popular areas in Johnson County, KS.  Young families and older generations seek friendly neighborhoods, and a bit more distance to the rustle and bustle of Kansas City, MO.  Though it’s on the edge, Olathe is included in the areas we serve for SEO Services.

Small Business SEO Wins in Olathe

The City of Olathe is one of the more popular locations in Johnson County.  Many times, Olathe can seem like a long drive depending where you are located in the Kansas City Area.  Olathe lies in the South of the Kansas City Metro, though, the city is becoming a popular location for targeting search marketing campaigns.

With search marketing campaigns, advertisers have been targeting locals with a variety of different offers with search engine marketing (SEM).  With SEM and SEO, we can actually help you implement some of the better approaches for getting your business visible for search engine users in Olathe, KS.

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Upward Trend for ‘Olathe KS’ Searches

When a search engine user searches for something, did you know the search engines track that information?  We track the search engines.  Recently, by reviewing the search data by Google Trends, we noticed the online searches for Olathe have an upward trend, if you look at the trend for the past five years.  What this suggests is that more locals are searching Olathe-related keywords in search engines.  This might be promising for some local-based companies looking to target the Olathe market.

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Who do you want to target in Olathe?  Do you need help targeting the right audience?

As SEO professionals, we keep close tabs on new search terms being found in search engines– especially if the search term relates to our clients.

For example, we look at all the new searches and questions popping up about “Olathe KS”.  By reviewing this information from search engines, we are able to suggest right-there opportunities to our clients so they can maximize on the opportunity to get all the new search traffic coming from those new search terms in the search engines.

Expert Guide to Local SEO

To learn more, discover our local guides on Search Marketing, including:

The guides above will provide you with an approach to help you target the local market you want in the Kansas City Area.

SEO Olathe KS Keyword Research Report

Here is a report showing 713 new search terms found coming in from search engines relating to “Olathe KS”. These new search terms are considered as “keywords” for consideration for using in a search marketing campaign.

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