Starting with the SEO Marketing

By starting with a SEO Promotion, you’re already confident in your strategic plan, and now you’re just ready to make it happen more regularly.

SEO Marketing Guide

Are you looking for a better SEO Marketing approach for your business?

With this guide to SEO Marketing, we hope to provide you insights for how to rollout your own successful SEO Marketing Campaigns so that you can rank higher in search engines.

Within this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of search marketing campaigns
  • Holistic approach to search marketing (SEO + PPC)
  • Reverse-engineering Competitors’ Winning Search Campaigns
  • SEO Marketing Campaign Rollout

By working through this guide, you will learn what to consider when you rollout your next SEO Marketing Campaign.

SEO Marketing Promotion Overview

SEO Marketing and Promotions can help you get a recurring stream of new customers from search engines.  The right type of search marketing campaign for you is dependent on a variety of factors, but it’s not hard to believe that by focusing on getting customers from search engines you would be able to grow your business.

Close Call for a Capturing New Business from Search Engines

Yeah, this one time, the response for the promotion wasn’t planned for at all!  Actually, this guy almost got in trouble because he didn’t tell his Dad, the owner of the company, that he was going to do this “customer acquisition thing online”.  His Dad nor his receptionist could handle the increased amount of calls happening, and the tricky part for this client was in telling his dad that the increased calls would likely be ongoing since they were now ranking on the first page and getting all those calls organically.  We wish we could be a fly on the wall in that room, don’t we?

All-in With SEO Marketing

Depending on your promotion approach, you could rely exclusively from new customers online by just running SEO Marketing Promotions.  By optimizing organically, you’re showing up and ranking high in search results for the keywords you’re aiming for that campaign.  Utilizing, both, SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are good approaches towards getting in front of your prospective customers online.

Are you in need of SEO Marketing?  We help you learn more about SEO Marketing and Promotions, with our offers and methodologies.

SEO Marketing for 2019 (and Beyond)

As you would suspect, SEO Marketing is likely to change quite a bit as we enter into the 2020s.  The rise of new technologies being adopted such as Voice Search and virtual reality, it’s only a matter of time until our blended realities take center stage.  With search engine optimization marketing, specifically though, there are rising trends to consider when developing your next SEO marketing campaign.

Trends in Search Marketing

Things to consider for SEO Marketing in 2019 (and Beyond):

  • Voice Search users will be targeted for certain buyer-intent keywords, and new forms of content development will be available to serve business owners looking to target Voice Search keyword terms.
  • Rise in costs for premium SEO Tools as search engines reduce their access to keyword data available to the public.
  • Location-based services using augmented reality (AR) will provide unprecedented opportunities for geo-targeting like we’ve never seen before.

With these aspects in mind, you’re better prepared for conceptualizing and executing your search marketing campaigns.

Differing Viewpoints for the Future of SEO Campaigns

SEO Marketing for the next decade will be changing, we know that for sure.  Some of our clients are optimistic of the future and their placements in organic search results, and some clients aren’t as optimistic in their future.  There’s an example of a lawn care company we work with that is hedging their bet on the use of a private blog network (PBN) to help secure their rankings in the future, and they’re investing into creating a PBN “the right way”.

If you’re not familiar, PBNs are a gray hat / black hat SEO Strategy in which you use sites that you own in order to improve the rankings for your websites.  It’s a type of control which Google and other search engines state they violate terms, and people have been known to get penalized for that PBN strategy approach.  Though, there’s a risk, some companies are betting on their future uses.

Search Marketing Campaigns Helps Local Massage Therapist

A massage therapist we work with dominates the first page for different types of massage search terms.  In addition to ranking high organically for relevant search terms, she has also decided to secure her domination in search results by utilizing pay-per-click ads.  Since most of her converting clients, call the phone number rather than visiting a webpage, first, we implemented an effective search engine marketing (SEM) tactic which we feel is new in the field.

With the use of Call-Only Ads, we were launching ad campaigns where the logical choice was to call, rather than going to a webpage.  The use of Call-Only Ads Technology by provided by Google Ads, and all we needed to do was to test it.

By setting up a Call-Only Ad Campaign, we setup our messaging, and keywords.  For the targeting section, we applied more innovation.  By understanding consumer data and information provided by the client, a campaign was setup to target people specifically staying in nearby hotels.  After all, the client suggested that those were her best type of clients, and more people go in-and-out of those locations, more often.

The plan worked great.  By targeting nearby hotels, anyone looking for a massage could not choose any other option (besides clicking to Page 2 of search results) and not click on the client.  Again, I haven’t heard of any other SEO Marketing technique quite like it.  Let me know if you have.

When you’re embarking on your next search marketing campaign, sometimes it’s simpler to have someone else do it for you.  When you want an SEO Expert to run your SEO Marketing Campaigns, consider the professional SEO Service we provide for our current clients.

Aim For The Best SEO Marketing Promotion

If you’re going to go for it, go for it.  A winning SEO marketing promotion is what to consider when only the best will do.

Reverse-Engineering Competitor’s SEO Campaigns

The pros go about this in a certain way.  By looking at the principles of SEO, the aspects which have always mattered for improved rankings include: keywords, content, and links.  When attempting to get a certain result with SEO Marketing, it’s important to remember that oftentimes success can be reverse-engineered when it comes to search marketing.

Capturing Enemy Backlinks

For example, a client of ours sells carports.  They sell nationwide, but they mainly focus in a couple regions in the US.  When tasked to improved their ranking performance, I began doing my research, and wow, did they have some competition.  One of the main competitors, which I did hear about in the discovery meeting beforehand, had quickly risen in the search engines over the past two years.

If you can imagine, a new company never heard of before, quickly rises the ranks in search engines and takes all the business for those searches on search engines.  The carport industry was ripe for innovation.  Every other carport company was enduring the algorithm changes and going about their online marketing in a more passive, personal way.  Either way, we could still check out the backend of the competitor’s website to see what they were doing.

By reviewing the findings from backend research, we found the list of tactics that this particular site was using for marketing their website and why it might be improving in rankings so fast.  In this case, they were quickly obtaining backlinks– many obscure– and their backlink velocity was in the hundreds per week, while my client was at point zero (at the time).

By finding these backlinks (in this case), we were then able to tell where the backlinks came from, and asked the more important question: could our client get the same backlink?  When we reviewed each opportunity, we then were able to secure the backlinks to the client.  After all, these were the exact same backlinks the competitor worked to get.  Now, we have them (the same backlinks as the competitor), too.

We do a few things, and it works out for SEO Marketing the site.

Setting the Standard for the SEO Campaign

Before deciding to to aim for certain types of keywords for your SEO Campaign, a SEO Expert would take a look at a variety of aspects involving the website in order to address the areas of weaknesses and opportunities for actually outranking the websites before paying the campaign costs.

By considering the productive use of content which effectively optimized for your search terms, the application of backlinks (so they appear natural for search algorithms), and visibility into the actual keyword positions, it’s possible to rollout a marketing campaign targeting practically any valuable keyword that’s important for your business.

When you’re aiming, you want to keep a steady hold.  When momentum decreases, it’s hard to get it going again without a lot of grief.  If you want the type of feedback that everything is working according to plan, then consider hiring SEO Kansas City Company for you next digital marketing promotion.

SEO Marketing Promotion Rollout

If you’re active in SEO, then you know that the SEO promotion rarely stops.  Unless you’re not in a very competitive market (which is getting harder nowadays), there is always competition which is trying to outrank you in search engines.  When you’re developing your SEO Campaign, you need to consider the promotion rollout.

Close Call for New Product Launch

From launching local marketing campaigns for SEO to coordinating national campaigns, we’ve seen our share of various campaign rollouts.  When you have the right rollout, you’re setup for success.

One of our clients has a family-owned candy business.  They’ve been successful for many years, and the owner of the subsidiary business focuses on online sales.  For the eCommerce focused business, they were looking for feedback concerning a new product line they wanted to target: CBD Oil Candy.

By living in the Midwest, though, we have Colorado to the West, we were sort of embarrassed that I hadn’t known what CBD oil was so we did research.  It turns out, this is a new and feasible market for my client, and it’s no wonder they’re looking at this business opportunity.  As we progressed, and got close to product launch date, I noticed there were some issues with the rollout.

It had originally been overlooked that the product they were launching had duplicate content on all the new product pages.  If you’re not familiar with “duplicate content”, basically it’s plagairism (copy-and-pasting) someone else’s content on your website.  It’s bad because Google and other search engines penalize websites for duplicate content.  For my client, the new webpages we were about to attempt to rank higher in search engines was at risk for the main content existing on the new webpages.

By diving deeper, we identified the fixes we would need, which included producing proper product descriptions, and took the necessary actions to meet the launch date.  If this hadn’t been done, all of the SEO efforts could’ve been gone to waste, along with this client’s hopes for dominating this new market.  Now, she’s ranking high on Page 1 for those new product type search terms.

SEO Campaign Rollout Precision

The SEO Marketing Promotion Rollout depends greatly on the individual tasks which apply to your specific website.  For example, a local service-based company would rollout a SEO Marketing Promotion a bit differently than a niche-based eCommerce site.  The justice for your planning efforts is truly served once the promotion campaign is live.  By reviewing your results from the campaign, you should be able to determine whether you’re headed in the direction for a positive ROI, and how soon it will take to get you there.

SEO Marketing Offer

Once your website has been designed, developed and optimized, then you gotta be marketing the site– it’s go time!  Get great links, register for all the seen-and-unseen accounts that your competitors are registered for, and then continue improving the rankings for your webpages (on the website) in search results (on search engines).  Got all that covered in-house?

With our SEO Marketing Offer, we can actually do all the the SEO Marketing for you.  We can schedule time to get great-looking backlinks and mentions online, get an army of people to share and interact with your social media postings, and improve the rankings so that you can show up on the first page of search results.

Ready for a SEO Marketing offer for you?

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Answers to Your SEO Marketing Questions

What is SEO in terms of a promotion strategy?

A promotion strategy involves the required ability to help you get your message/product/service in front of the right people.  SEO provides you a channel to do that.

With SEO, you’re targeting a seemingly endless stream of new customers.  The customers, using SEO, find the website via a search result from search engines.  With SEO as a marketing channel, companies can run new SEO promotions by targeting certain keywords.

What does SEO mean in marketing?

Search engines optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone for digital marketing.  Digital marketing is a subset of Marketing.  SEO provides a marketing channel which allows a company to be placed among the top 10 results for a select set of search terms, and in effect, draw in new customers to the website.

What is local SEO marketing?

Local SEO Marketing involves the knowledge and application of SEO techniques to improve a client’s condition online.  Oftentimes, local business owners require Local SEO Marketing in order to get their business listed in search engines and getting more customers from online searches.  Local SEO focuses on the needs specifically for local-based businesses.  When you have a local based company, you would want to find a Local SEO Expert to help you dominate for searches in your local market.

How to learn SEO marketing?

There are many ways to learn SEO Marketing.  One common way is to take internet marketing courses, and to read forum posts.  SEO is one of those skills which requires you to constantly be aware of all the changes happening with search engine algorithms.  Learning by experience helps the most, though.

Oh, there is a free SEO course developed by SEO Experts available, too.

Why do internet marketing for SEO?

You might want to do internet marketing for SEO because you can gain valuable, organic search traffic.  In comparison to other methods to drive real web traffic to your offers, SEO provides you with a practical way for ranking for certain search terms in search engines.  When you’re able to achieve high-rankings for search terms, you’re able to draw-in more potential customers.

With SEO, you simply have to optimize your website and show higher in search rankings.  For other methods, like PPC, you have to pay-to-play.