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Look good at the top of local search results, and get more customers with SEO for Google My Business!

Google My Business and Local SEO

The Google My Business Platform enables a business to rank at the top results for any local search.

Google My Business goes by many names on the streets, including, “GMB”, “Snack Pack”, “3-pack”, “Maps” and “Maps Section” of search results.

Business owner considering many digital marketing strategies, including Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business SEO Value

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a technique used for improving the visibility of a company’s digital asset/s when users are searching for solutions in search engines.  With SEO, the game is all about showing up for relevant search terms with a business intersection for your company.

For years, Google.com has stated that their main priority is to satisfy user intent.  Read that again, if you need to — Google cares more about the intent of the Users (people searching on Google.com), and aren’t as concerned with the vendors/businesses (example: You) that are trying to outrank others in order to win the users business.  In fact, Google would rather suggest for you to pay for their Google Ads instead if you want to outdo your competitors.

It’s a hard pill to swallow.  Google cares about their users over you and your venture.  That’s why you need someone on your side.

How does Google My Business affect SEO?

Very carefully, the Google.com algorithm is considering the syntax searched by the users and matching it to the corresponding results, and then ranking the results from 1 to 100.  The first page of Search Results include the top 10 Organic Results, Google My Business Listings and Ads.  Below are the main sections of Google Search Results.

SEO for Google My Business is important because of how it shows in local search results

Notice the sections of SERPs include Google Ads, Google My Business and Organic Results.

In Organic SEO, positions 1 – 10 are located on the first page of Search Results Pages (SERPs).

Local Organic Results in SERPs

The organic results section for SEO is typically known as the “Top 10” of search results on the first page.

In Google My Business, positions 1 -3 are located above the first page of the organic SERPs for many local searches.

Google My Business SEO focus is in the Map Pack

Local Google My Business SEO specialists focus on improving the visibility in this section in search results

Knowing this, you’re starting to get the picture, right?  With an optimized Google My Business Listing, you’re potential to get new customers visiting your website, clicking for Directions or Calling you directly improves your visibility and you stand above all of the organic search results in most local searches!

Does Google My Business impact SEO?

Of course it does, and when you’re found by users above the organic SERPs, you can expect more customers due to standing apart from the crowd of competitors.  The impact of Google My Business is impacted by increased calls, increased visits (due to directions to your facility) and more web traffic (which can be verified by reviewing your Google Analytics).

Google My Business for Local SEO

Your Google My Business account can be used to improve your local SEO results.  When you combine the power of organic SEO with optimized Google My Business in the Maps Section, you’re dominating 2/3 of the sections available in the SERPs.

Composition of Thirds in local SERPs

Shows the sections of SERPs that can be described as thirds. With 1/3 of SERPs being Ads, 1/3 being Google My Business and 1/3 being Organic Results.

With the GMB, you can dramatically improve your visibility for more views, calls and visits from would-be customers for your business!

Google My Business SEO Map Pack

The future of local SEO for Google My Business relies in the various ways that you can rank high in the SEO map pack.  Depending on the type of business you operate, the map pack might present itself differently for users across your local targeted area.  However, the Map Pack (at the top of the SERPs) is where you want your business to be found in order to increase customers for your local-based business.

Google My Business Impact on SEO

Since it was introduced, Google My Business has impacted SEO in many ways, including:

  • It’s difficult to talk local SEO without mentioning Google My Business Map Pack
  • Introduced an entirely new area to target improved ranking potential
  • Brought in other bad actors (similar to what we’ve experienced with bad SEO practitioners in the past)

Google My Business will surely evolve, though, right now is the perfect time to start and optimize your listing!

Does Google My Business website have SEO value?

The short answer is “yes”.  With Google My Business, your website can improve from an SEO perspective due to an increase in targeted web searches in your local area.

Using Google My Business for SEO

It’s possible to use your Google My Business to improve your SEO results.  It all starts with knowledge, and then the application of knowledge.  Are you ready to start optimizing to increase targeted web traffic and conversions?  Keep reading!

Will Google My Business Help SEO?

You can use Google My Business for SEO purposes.  When you optimize certain areas of your listing, and add supplementary content across the web to improve the ranking, then the Google My Business listing for your company can benefit from a SEO perspective.

Google My Business Directions SEO

With the Google My Business Listing, one of the benefits is an increase in requests for Directions to your business location.  Of course, all of the requests for directions are working for you passively in the background (thanks to Google’s interface) so you can see an improved output of walk-ins from customers with Directions SEO.

In order to implement, you need to assess the service area described in your listing and have the correct amount of supplemental links and content to support your service areas for improved results with Google My Business Directions SEO efforts.

Google My Business Listing SEO

Besides the Directions, you can optimize the Listing– as a whole.  With your Business Listing, you can benefit by improving the various sections of the Listing, and review the changes in search results as the updates can appear in SERPs nearly instantaneous in some cases.

Can a Google My Business Listing hurt my SEO?

The hard truth is that quality issues with Google My Business listing can dramatically affect your results and sometimes even get your account banned.  Quality issues matter for Google My Business, as well as any properties owned by Google.  When you try to outrank competitors using unapproved methods — and you get caught — you might experience issues with your account being flagged.

In the past, we’ve worked with a client that came to us because Google My Business Account was suspended due to quality issues.  Basically, the prior consultant working with this person was using blackhat methods, and unfortunately the business owner of the GMB account got slapped with a penalty.

The issue was resolved without problem with a phone call, but it dramatically impacted the client’s sales up until the issue was resolved.

Another client of ours came to us because “Google My Business was not working”.  Of course, diving deeper into his issue, we found several problems that pointed us in the way to fix the problem.  As experts in this area, we find issues quicker, but it’s also interesting to see how much variety exists when business owners attempt to optimize their listings independently.

Why you may not want a Google My Business page for SEO?

There’s reasons why you may not want to a GMB page, and we’re surprised that more people aren’t talking about this topic.  As a local company, it’s almost always important to have a GMB page, but sometimes you may prefer not to have one.

For example, we were working with an interior designer where it was not common to ask for public-facing reviews.  A GMB Page would enable customers to leave a review.  This is just one example where a GMB Page may not be for every business.

Google My Business Website SEO

Rankings in search engines and SEO go hand-in-hand!  With a GMB Page, you can improve the SEO for your business.  Simply start a GMB Page, and begin optimizing from there!

SEO Google My Business Rankings

The actual ranking of your GMB Page relies upon at least a couple things:

  1. Local competitor listings
  2. Quality of your listing

Local competitors can sometimes jeopardize your ability to rank your business’ GMB Page.  Also, if your GMB listing for your business is of low quality, that can negatively affect your business’ ranking within the Map Pack.

Can you SEO My Google Business Listing?

Optimizing GMB Listings is like riding a bike.  At first, it can take some time to get familiar with the platform and apply the most recent tactics to your listing, but once you get it under control, you can then continue optimizing like a pro.

Can you actually optimize our Google Business Listing?

The SEO Service is qualified to handle the setup and management of  your listing, however, we always ask new clients to first review the GMB training guide so you get a better understanding for the processes involved before purchasing your local SEO package.

Google My Business SEO Service

Improve SEO with Google My Business  Our GMB SEO Service provides you with implementations to make your listing stand apart from the crowd.  With packages to choose based on your marketing budget, you have several options to get ahead and rank your GMB in local searches!

SEO Ranking Google My Business

Get better placements in the Map Pack.  Since GMB SEO Ranking Positions are objective, we can count how positions you change due to the SEO service we provide for your company.

SEO for my Google My Business

Since rankings are objective, we can count how many positions were increased and use that ranking position to set as a benchmark to outdo for the following month.

Boost SEO Google My Business Maps

Boost SEO for GMB Listings in the Maps Section requires both: objective ranking position increases and proximity of the users search query to the best possible solution (in the eyes of Google) to serve the User’s Intent.  The service entails more than simply adding additional service areas in your GMB Account.


Google My Business Services SEO

Boosting SEO in GMB is a praxis; not a one-off project.  The ongoing process of GMB SEO requires research, refinement and increasing signals to show higher relevancy of User Intent of the user to prefer your listing over the local competition’s listings.

For local services, outranking competitors becomes crucial as the user is presented with only a few options to select and are eager to make their selection quickly.


Google My Business SEO Services

SEO Google My Business Services come in many forms, and our company has developed many strategies over the years to suit a variety of situations to serve you better in boost your rankings in the Snack Pack.

  • One-off promotions enable increased visibility for Google My Business search SEO, and that might be all you need.  A one-time boost might be enough to place your business at the top of the rankings!
  • Ongoing Keyword Research, Content Development and Links enable SEO services for Google My Business. Beyond promotions, a subscription-based service may suit your business with an affordable way to monitor competition and stay ahead in the rankings on GMB!
  • Audits and Google My Business SEO Optimization Services provide an alternative where the plan iterates over time and gives you the edge over the competitors by having our team assess each competitor and implementing plans to stay ahead in the game!


Google My Business SEO Tips and Tricks

To help you improve your listing, we want to provide a few SEO tips to help you along the way, including:

  • Execute your plan by checking-off items each month from a Google My Business SEO Checklist
  • Develop and refine local SEO strategies for small businesses when creating your GMB
  • Optimizing your Google My Business account for SEO to improve rankings in both the Maps and Organic Results
My Business GMB 3.0 Training Guide

Click the image to progress in applying the guide to your business today!


Review the answers to some of your GMB Questions.

Why is my business not on Google Map?

Clients come to us often telling us something like, “My business is not showing up on Google Maps, can you help?”  Of course, there’s many reasons why this might occur.  For example, the listing may not be setup correctly or the listing might’ve been flagged by Google’s compliance team.  User error can also be a concern or not understanding how proximity is measured on the GMB might be a source of frustration.

In gist, a business is not on Google Maps due to many possible reasons.  It’s important to address the reason/s and find a solution quickly as other local competitors in your area are setup correctly and it’s difficult to make up for lost time when it comes to rankings.

Why my Google Business Listing is wrong?

There’s many possibilities to consider why a Google Business Listing is wrong.  Below are just a few possibilities to double-check:

  • When you setup your listing, did you select the right service area, hours of operation, and business category?
  • If Google required you to verify your listing with a postcard, did that happen?
  • Are there any warnings on your GMB account?

Of course more technical aspects can be a cause of concern.  For example, if you utilized a SEO consultant in the past that applied tactics that sent warning signals to Google, that can affect your visibility in SERPs.  Luckily, for GMB, you have the option to call Google.com and speak with a rep directly about your account.

Is there any SEO value in posting blogs to Google My Business page?

From an SEO standpoint, absolutely.  When you do, those are signals to Google’s algorithm that your posts are share-worthy (which is a ranking signal) and drives organic to your website (which is another signal to Google).

What is the cost for SEO cost for Google My Business?

Promotions start out at $99 one-time fee and ongoing GMB SEO Services can go up to $500/month, depending on your package.

Can you add users to Google My Business Account?

Yes, we can make it really simple for you.  In order to complete GMB SEO Services and Promotions, access to your account will need to be granted by you and/or your team.  Once accessed, we can begin the service.