seo insights

Local or niche SEO is designed to target visitors in your area who are searching for the services you provide. So if you are a plumber who services twice a month in barrage ads in the local paper and you have a pay per click campaign, you want people in your area to find you, or at least the ones who search for your service. The internet is probably the best way to achieve local SEO, and the free targeted traffic is probably the best you can get – especially if you aren’t in a big hurry. Most people launch an online business because they need the traffic load.

Obviously, if you are in a big city with a lot of competition you will need to target larger areas or more expensive search terms. For example, if you are in Los Angeles, you most likely will be limited to using the words “plumber” in your niche or local market. You are not likely to see much traffic directed to your website from people who search for “how to get rid of acne permanently”. The main reason for going with a local niche rather than a big city is the competition. In a big city with plenty of competition, you will find that most of the top competitive terms will already have large enlistments of businesses ready to rank highly for them. You can imagine how many websites already have that term on them. They know it and use it – it is much easier to get a relatively low ranking in a small niche. Other reasons for going with a local rather than national or national service are that a local service will be easier to understand by the potential customer – they are more likely to be able to location shop online if they are getting directions, and the customer will probably prefer to deal with local business.

Use Niche or Local Keywords

What is nice about local SEO is that it allows you to use the keywords or phrases that fit the customer’s problem into your site content. You can include those terms in your meta tags, headline tags, and first and last paragraphs if you are using a longer text. For example, if your business is called ” tabs in glass bakings ” in addition to the glass baking company, you would have to include the relevant keyword phrases in the tags, headings, and last paragraphs on your site so that the search engines can recognize that your site is relevant for people wanting glass baking.

What Search Engines Are NOT looking for

Search engines are not looking to give you the answer to life, they are looking to bring in revenue. They want to bring you in, they want to increase your revenue, and they want to make sure that people who are looking for the answer to their problem find you and not the competition. That is why search engine results are called relevant. Search engines slow down when you try to fool them, and your ranking will suffer for it. Sometimes you will get banned, depending on the infraction. You went to great lengths to get your website to the top of the search engines, but when you get there, if you don’t have good content or follow up your efforts with some additional promotional methods, you may only remain a keenly noticed presence. Search engines will gladly assist you in formulas to preserving your ranking. They want you to have good content and of reasonable length.