If you will optimize your site for local search, as well as global, you will most likely experience more traffic and consequently, more sales. Here’s why:


  • Local browsers are like you. Local browsers are very narrow, focused and loyal users. They only spend time on the local websites they are searching for. They have a clear idea of what they want and they utilize the local SEO techniques to find it. They also are willing to spend more money with the companies they do hire. In other words, local browsers quickly determine if a website looks like it is an affiliate or a full-service provider.
  • Worldwide users are a friendly bunch. They want to know about new products on other websites and are willing to spend money to get them. Local users, on the other hand, are fickle and will spend much time with the local search results before they make a purchasing decision. They also are not as willing to spend money, as the global population is. They just want to know that you are local, and will rely instead on the traffic to determine if you are local.
  • These users are also very organized and loyal users. They can easily navigate the sites they are interested in, to find exactly what they want. Internet users are on the web to find information, and they want to be sure that the information that comes up when they search for the particular keywords they are interested in. This is why the sites that rank high in local search engine optimization are much better than the ones that don’t make it to the top 10 local search results.
  • Users are much more likely to spend time and energies on a site where they spend time and energy on a project. This is because they view the websites as family members. They go to your site because they know you will give them what they want. They feel at home on your site, something that they want to experience. Since your visitors and clients are local, they are more loyal to you. This makes them much more likely to recommend your company and your products, relative to websites that they do not see as family-friendly.
  • Local search engine optimization is relatively simple for you to compete in. This means that you can complete your SEO strategy much more quickly. You do not need to hire additional full-time staff to be ready to ramp up marketing campaigns, as they are capable of handling that for you. If you add another full-time job to your business, the income of that effort comes out cheaper each month.
  • If your current website linking strategy does not include internal links to your own site, then you have some work to do. In your link building strategies, make sure that you incorporate to create a loop around your primary keywords on all your web pages. That way, for each page name, your relevant keywords will be easier to collect. These types of links are much more valuable than a generic link with no keywords.
  • Make sure that you have a good deal of links to choose from. Search engines value links, logically, but more importantly, they value the variety of links that a site has. Your site will be seen as more of an authority, and as a higher priority, if you have a wide variety of other sites linking to your site, especially those that are related to yours.
  • For each page on your website, dedicate time to keyword research. You need to know what people are searching for, so that you can help them find it. You should write articles based on keyword phrases that your research has told you are popular. Then, you can have as many pages offering related information as possible. This, too, will help your traffic increase.
  • You can help your visitors and search engines in more ways than one. It always helps to have a site map, that is linked to from each page on your website. This, too, will help the search engines find each page.