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There are two different kinds of SEO, local SEO and global SEO. Local SEO is search engine optimization techniques that are targeted at improving the ranking of a website in the search engine results pages for specific keywords in a local market. It is important for a business to get listed as high as possible in the search engine rankings. Nearly all web traffic is passed on to search engines from three main places – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Google are also likely to consider the brand name of businesses listed in its directories when deciding how to rank them. Using the brand name is one way of making the location of a business obvious to the search engines. In general, brands tend to rank more highly than local businesses. The location of a business will often be good for its ranking in search engines, particularly Google. If the business is listed in the Yellow Pages, it will almost certainly rate highly in Google.

Including the name of the locality in the website’s keyword meta tag can improve the site’s ranking. For example, the hotel name, which is often not included in a web page’s title, can point the site owner or the search engine optimizer to the exact location of a web page. It is also possible to include the name of a town in the website’s meta tags. In any case, including the name of a locality in the meta tags will help the site get listed in the search engine results for that locality.

Another important factor for local SEO is to ensure that the physical address of the business is correctly listed on the website. If the business has a general website, then it should list the physical address prominently on the homepage. A search engine focused on local results will often have results dropped from its database if the address is missing from the website. In addition to this, the business description should include precise details of the products or services a company offers. Again, this is picked up by the search engines. It is important to ensure that exact keywords are used in the business description and that the description is as consistent as possible with the title of the business. Finally, the contact details of a business should be correct on all pages of a website. incorrect contact details or pages left blank will make the website rank lower in the search results.