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Local search engine optimization is becoming more and more popular these days and is definitely an important tool to have available to you should you move into that area or town. With the spread of services such as Google maps for example, it’s vital to make sure your business can be found within the local area that you’re targeting. Many people however choose to ignore this important aspect of SEO simply because they prefer to peruse the larger search engines for their queries. Granted you can find local businesses from all over the world and they’re likely to have a variety of services available, but one thing you should consider is that your potential customers are likely to search for your local services using search engines if they’re in your area. Sure you don’t want to ignore national searches as that can bring some good traffic to your site, but when you’re starting out, you need to concentrate your efforts on getting your business found in your local area where you can get the best results from your local search engine optimization efforts.


How do you rank on local SEO results?

To get your business found on local searchers, you’re going to need to feature your business accurately with your keywords and address. When someone searches for certain services, such as an electrician, for example, they are going to be using certain search terms. If you have these keywords included in your local SEO, your business will be found. Using the example of an electrician, you need to include the word electric on your business website.  You also need to have your address on your site, along with it being a good linkage for your keywords.


What are some ways that you can include your business in local SEO?


Advertising local businesses

The great thing about targeting local search is that you can advertise your local business on platforms that reach thousands of potential customers. Certain advertising platforms can be tailor made for your local business. Fewer people will see your ad, but more people can afford to pay for your ads.


Start a blog

Having a blog about your company or your local business is a great way to target internet marketing. More people will see your product or your service and will be inclined to hire you. You should also include your social media links on your blog. Your blog could go viral fast, especially if it’s relevant to your area.

In many of the cases where your competitors don’t have a website, it’s the first step in making sure that you’re getting in front of all of the potential customers that are online now. One of the ways is to get listed on Google maps and with all of the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that are available to you, it’s an important step to get in front of the potential customers.