seo keywords

There are mainly 3 search engines that are more popular in the local market. They are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These 3 search engines are pretty much dependent on local optimization base on your query. Like for example, in Google, a Google listing would be helpful for your site to be seen on Google search engine and the same for the Yahoo search engine. Here are some major SEO factors that are useful for local SEO.


1. Title

A unique title for every page of your site highly dependent on the targeted area. Means make sure to dens it well and include every keyword in the title. Means choose the right keyword for every page.

2. Optimizing your page with the targeted area

The density of the keywords in page content also depends on the targeted area. This way search engines can easily find you.

3. Submit sitemap

To be able to know if your work is done, you need to check if you have a sitemap. It’s basically a file on your server which leads the search engines to show a map to your website. It will help search engines to know about the pages of your site, abilities to show the location of your pages on your website as well as the speed of spidering certain pages.

4. Use proper internal linking

Internal linking is a link inside your website which links to another page of the same website or another page of your site. This way you will make sure that search engine spiders will not encounter any prior problems when they try to crawl your site.

5. Use Image Alt tags and description

For each image inside your site use proper Alt tags and description. In case you are using images inside a template then you should use keywords in your image Alt tags and description.

6. Use a Link Building Campaign

If you want to be able to make your target keywords anchor text link back to the page they are targeting then you should create a separate keyword link that points to the page you want to target and then point your content to that page. You should continue this until you can establish a unique structure that allows you to organize your internal linking.

7. Make Your Content Relevant

You must keep your content relevant. You should use appropriate keywords but make sure you don’t fill your site with keywords because it won’t help your site in terms of PR.