seo keywordsFor those who already have a website up and running, but who want to target a certain area, local SEO can be the next step to pushing your site up the rankings. By using a local SEO, you will be able to get your website to the top of the search engine results in your area.

First, you should have your basic on page SEO set up. For example, you should have the keywords in the title tags and the content, but you need to check to see that you have used your keywords or variations of it enough times in your content to show the search engines that your site is likely to be used on the next stop. You have probably noticed that most websites have a post at the top of their pages. That is a link from the website to the advertiser with advertising information. If the links do not go to pages other than the home page, the search engines are not going to like it too much. You will probably want to have about a dozen links to each page. You now have to do some on-page SEO. You generally will want to have about 200 words or more on each page. You should have about one keyword per paragraph, but you should also include the keyword as a two separate phrases so that the search engines will realize they are different things.

Next, you have to do some off-page optimization. Most people recognize that the key to getting top search engine rankings is to have links to your site on other related websites. However, what people tend to not realize is that those links should also come from a variety of other sites. Some of the places you should look at are forums, directories, blogs, and anywhere else that is open to you. When you have your links on other sites, the search engines will recognize that they are related to your site. They will recognize the value of your site. This will improve your rankings, and you will see a big jump in how much traffic you are getting to your site.

This is just a short overview of some of the things that you can do to get your site higher rankings and to improve your traffic to your site. You will need to learn how to do all of these things, or you will just be wasting your time.