seo keywords on laptop and sticky note

There are several different tactics that you can use when trying to enhance the SEO of your website. The following are just a few of many ways that you can get started.


On-page website factors:

  • The title of your website, you want to maximize how much of your title you use in the keywords meta tag.
  • Use the keywords in your h1 and h2 tags, you can use the h1 tag as the headline of your page and the h2 tag as the sub-heading of your page.
  • You can use the keywords in the first and last sentences of your page as well as throughout the rest of the page.


Web page design

Improving your web page design will improve your SEO as well. The score of your web page design will affect your SEO scores of your website. Nevertheless, there are many web page designers available who have not skipped the important steps of web page design.


Web page title tag

You need to assign to the title tag of each page of your website. Each page should have its own title tag. Since it is your title tag, you need to keep it brief. Make sure that you use the primary keyword phrase that you have found appropriate for that particular page. It is not advisable to use more than 60 characters in the title tag. Long title tags are not only hard to understand but they will also not match the search engine results.


Description meta tag

You need to description meta tag of each page of your website. Make sure that you describe about the content of your website. description meta tag is also called meta description.


Website Content

If you are trying to rank a website, one of the very best things you can do is to provide useful content. Think about it, the reason that other websites want to link to your website is that there is useful information that they can provide their visitors. When writing the content for your website, try to think of the way that the reader would like to search for your information. Can you write in a way that will they find the information easily? Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity and engaging content for the reader to want to find your information.


Keyword phrase research

Improving your SEO score will require that you take the time to research a good number of keyword phrases. When you have chosen a number of keywords for your website, it is important that you choose the keyword phrase with the most searches per month. Optimizing your website for a single keyword phrase will usually result in creating very few sales for you. More often than not, the single word keywords are what most people use when they are shopping. Choosing a number of keyword phrases that are relevant to your website will result in more traffic and will help to improve your SEO score. The content of your website should contain the keywords or keyword phrases that you have chosen. As people dig deeper into your website, they should be able to find the specific keywords that they are searching for. This will help them to find your website and products on the search engines. Select 3 primary keyword phrases for you website. You should have at least 3 keywords for each page. The keywords need to be something that people will be searching for.


Off-page website factors:

  • Giving away free stuff online like promotional giveaways.
  • Listing your website in the directories and local business listing.
  • The use of social advertising like ads on social networks like Facebook and MySpace.
  • The idea of reciprocating links. Perhaps you would want to exchange links with another website. This will help to improve your SEO score.