seo insights on laptop

Local SEO is the buzzword these days. Most businesses want to be the top of the search engine results and this is because most people are going online to search for their services and a lot of these people prefer to buy local as they are looking for a service provider in their area. As a business owner, you must understand how important it is for you and your business to be the top of these search engine results. Only by being the top listing will you and your business get the new customers that you want.


Before you can get your business listed onto the local listing you must understand how it works. By doing these things you can get your business listed onto the first page of Google:


Google maps

You can tell Google to index your business by submitting it. This is accomplished by creating a URL in Google’s webmaster tool. Make sure you uncheck synonyms and keywords. By doing this you will get your business listed on Google maps.


You should have the keywords picked out before you start any optimization. Find keywords that are exact for your campaign search term. This will make it easier to get ranked and because that will bring you more traffic.

Google AdWords

You should set up a Google AdWords campaign before you go out and bid on the keywords. You should use the keyword as the search term when creating the ads. Use the keyword in the title and you will maximize your ranking on Google.

Domain Name

You can increase your ranking on Google by having your keyword in your domain name.


You can get high rankings on Google by having links to your website on other quality sites, that Google ranks highly.

Reciprocal Links

You can trade links with other businesses that have relevant products. Have links back to your site from other sites such as blogs, forums, and other websites.