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A business that needs more local customers can now choose to ignore the unnatural rankings of their Google Places and Yahoo Local listings by using the SEO techniques outlined in this report. In many cases, business owners can significantly improve their ranking by making an investment in search engine optimization consulting services that target local customers. Services that provide local SEO consultants can help business owners dramatically improve their standing in the eyes of Google customers, narrowing the gap between abundant online visibility and viable rankings in the organic search results.


Reviews are very important to the future of local SEO

One of the factors that Google uses to rank local businesses is reviews; specifically, we are looking at the number of reviews a business has on both its own website and on review websites. Many local businesses have a small customer base that will rely on word-of-mouth promotion, with many customers never having the chance to review a business. By taking a proactive stance and requesting reviews, the business is simultaneously getting beneficial reviews from thousands of customers at the same time. Many business owners can benefit from reviews on their own website, as customers will most likely travel to see the reviews that are not posted on their own website. Many websites have star ratings, which can lead to a higher search engine ranking.

Social media sites dominate the web, but they are not simply a load of social interaction with friends. With the newly developed Google program of giving high rankings to websites that are perceived as important, it becomes more important than ever to have social media content with high ratings. Stars ratings are only earned by the quality of the website and the company, not by the quality of the social media advertisement. This is why it is so important for companies to engage in social media marketing that is spending their dollars on reviews, advertisements, and marketing. Any time a company puts out a review or advertisement, it isn’t simply giving themselves points for social media; it is earning respect and consideration from all corners of the web. The content must have something to say, offer quality information about a product or service. By doing this, any business can improve the standing of their brand and their standing with the search engines as well.

Stars ratings are earned on a spectrum from 0-10, while 10 is very difficult to achieve and very few businesses can achieve. SEO consultants are able to create a small link that will edit itself over time while giving the search engine something to the index for every review based on the keywords that were selected. Selection of keywords is important for crawling the web; search engines need to know exactly what a site is about in order to display it in the results rankings. SEO consultants can create small links that are optimized to fit the keywords that were selected.

Small businesses need to look at the way they are currently presenting their content. Too often business owners make the mistake of saving money by putting up great content and then hiding it from view. The search engines need to see that the great content is out there for all to see, and with marketing professionals working together with the search engines, they can find it and help any company get found, so all that effort will turn to profit quickly and easily.