google map on phone

Local or geo-targeted search engine optimization has become a big business for companies providing web services. In fact, companies in a whole range of industries from blue-chip companies to small family-run enterprises are investing a considerable amount in local search engine optimization. With more and more people using the local environment to search for services and products, local SEO has become an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader in a particular part of the world. The concept of local search engine optimization entails optimizing your site with the local language and regional requirements. Your business needs to be found by your local customers.

Google has enhanced its search engine with a new tag called “local map“. As the search engine has optimized these maps, you will find that onion share of your market is reached by the search engine. This is why small business owners should pay attention to the local maps. This tag will help individuals easily find your business should they are using a mobile device or a widget to pin an exact location. There are widgets that allow individuals to share their locations with others online. You may use these widgets to promote your business and get additional hits from potential customers. At the same time, you must understand how widget use could affect your business and if the consumer is going to use these maps to find your widget. Will you want to share your map with these individuals? It is wiser to refrain from using these widgets on your site for the simple reason that a widget can cause your site to be seen as a spam site, which will result in a bad ranking in the search engine.

Hopefully, the tips presented in this article present an acceptable approach that small businesses can take to rank in the search engine. When you create your map and claim your listing within Google you will find that the time and effort of optimizing your site will not be wasted as every few weeks you can log your website into the search engine and outrank your competitors.