There are thousands of people in your area that have a local presence online. They know how to do the sort of things that you’d like to sell and they already have the marketing implementing scripts down pat. So the question is, “how can I get my business listed onto the first page of Google?” There are many companies out there right now that are dedicated to local SEO. Many of them have the experience with keyword implementation and marketing that your company may not have.


So how do you make sure that your small business comes up in the search engines?


Sadly, there is no magic answer to this. Years ago, the smart web site owner could perform the necessary keyword work by himself or with the help of exchange linking companies. These days, you can’t even get a guarantee of making the first page of a search engine with a non-local trade. Everyone with a website is competing with all the other sites on the internet. Drag and drop keywords won’t get you to the top of the search engines with non-local traffic. Your best bet is to write an article about the kind of business you’re in the first place. Then have the article indexed by the search engines so that when someone looking for your type of article comes along trying to handy an article with your title. The search engines will realize that your website is most relevant to what is being searched for. When you have a website with a higher page rank that links back to your own web site it is called backlink. You can easily accomplish this by writing a few articles and getting indexed. Density is the number of times your phrase is found on the page per hundred words. The search engines won’t like any page having a density over 4 or 5%. Your density should be a lot higher than 5% if you want to rank well. Keywords have a density of 1-3%. So if you have a 400 word article, your keyword should be found at least 4 times and really a lot more. Another one is keywords. This is the keywords the surfer has in mind when looking for something. If your potential customer typed in the keyword and your website is relevant to what he is looking for. You’ll find your articles will rank quite well. You will be found a lot easier with articles as opposed to any other type of website. The important word here is relevancy.

These are just some of the things you must consider to achieve as high a page rank as is possible for your website. And here’s an unbelievable fact. No one can ever guarantee you a top page listing in the search engines. The search engines are continually altering their algorithms and the results that determine page rank are fluid. The only thing that will always remain the same is a well written website will always rank well no matter what.