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There are loopholes in the system to help local businesses get listed above the rest, when you search for something specific on Google the search results are local depending on where you are physically located. For example, if you were to search for “web design” the results would be different depending on your location. Google has a link that has to be followed to allow for the local results to display above the organic results. To do this you can get a Google local listing. Proper link building can help you to get your business listed in the local results. If you do not have a website it is a good investment to get one. Make sure to use correct keywords when building your site. Also make sure that your correct keywords are showing in your meta tags and that the content makes sense. Keywords that are not relevant to what your company does, but related to your company in the past will not help your present rankings. You will get great traffic and gain customers if you simply need to start fresh. Make sure to correct the mistakes on your website and optimize the structure of your site. If you site is designed properly and you have clean hyperlinks pointing to your individual pages then your rankings will improve. You mainly want to go back and make improvements to the site or page. Pretend that you are a visitor to your site for a day and log into the site. After you analyse your site you will be able to see which pages are linking to your website and the visitors just might be interested in going to those pages. You might have a list of 20 or more links that are not linking correctly. In order to improve the links make sure you go back and correct these links, or ask the webmaster to do it for you. Get better at reading and employing SEO principles in your website and you will make more money in the future, and your website will be more organized and have better visibility, but it all starts with editing the links on your website.

If you are reading this article then you know that no matter how good your website is and how professional your website design is, and you even have a Google Places listing, you will still need to get your website and your local business found amongst the millions of listings on Google. Your Google Places listing will help your local business get online traffic and it will also help the search engine to find your website amongst the millions of websites that are already online. Google has already stated that local businesses can beat online competition and show up in the local search results by simply enhancing their Google Places listing online. This is the first step to getting online traffic for your local business.