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Local SEO is one of the best ways to get traffic and online conversions. Here is how to effectively set up your local SEO campaign:

1. Your company name or brand should never be overused in keywords and meta tags. This is a mistake that I see often. I initially heard that if you try to use your brand name too often in keywords and meta tags, it would hurt your rankings but then I saw those brand names being used way too much already. So do not take that advice.

2. Target at least 3 local keywords for each page of your site. You can still use your company name as the meta tag name. But if you are focusing on specific locations or counties in the Google area or country, it may be a good idea to use those specific keywords.

3. The title of your pages should contain the locations you are targeting. This may be the only thing that is held in the making of a web page. The title tag is one of the most important attributes on your web page. So you should include your location in it. It is commonly known that Google uses the title tag as the first thing that they place in the search results. So when writing your title tag, it is important to include the locations you are targeting.

4. You should use your company name in your keyword meta tags if you are targeting more than one location. Although the meta keyword tag is not vital in SEO, including the locations that you are targeting in it does help you optimize your website and help the search engines to determine, at least to some degree, where your site is targeting.

5. You should use your company name in your H1 tags if the keyword you are targeting is that same keyword in your title or if you are using it in the content. One of the most important optimization factors is the use of your company name in your title and your H1 tags. If you are trying to optimize for multiple locations then you should also make sure you use the names of those locations in your title tags. In addition to using your company name in your title tags, you should also use it in your H1 tags. The H1 tag is what search engine spiders look at the most often to determine what your page is about. You should also try to include the cities, state and zip codes in your H1 tags.

Finally, you should use your company name for internal links. The text in these links should contain the locations you are targeting. Your pages should contain links with the anchor text of the cities you are targeting. Although internal links are not as powerful as those you supply to other pages, it is helpful to create them to strengthen your set up for internal linking purposes.