Google, the most popular search engine, has also started to focus on local searches. This had made most of the local websites irrelevant for them and thus their ranks have been plummeting. The companies which used to never waste their time with offline optimization techniques are suddenly focusing heavily on them to compete. That is why many of the web designers, local business owners and SEO experts are suddenly focusing heavily on local search engine optimization. Since the search engine algorithms have linked the increase in searches to the local websites, these are the ones that are getting increased traffic. And since these are the ones which are driving the local traffic, they are the ones which are helping the local sites become more popular to the users.

So what are the new local search optimization techniques which can possibly help a local business to grow more easily? The first among them is the local directory submission. These are the yellow pages of online local business listings and are very popular with the users. The users can find all the local places easily and can contact the businesses easily. This will definitely help a local business to grow its customer base as well as become more visible in the local search engine. There are many local directories besides the local one, so submit your business in all of them and increase the chance of getting more customers. The other one is the local classifieds website. There are many free classifieds websites which can be found online which will help a local business to get more exposure. If correctly done, local SEO techniques will ensure that more and more people will get to know about the business and in no time, the customers will be flowing into the local business website.


Attracting customers

No matter how good your website is and how skillfully you are dealing with SEO, you will not be able to get customers through online marketing. You will need to have a lot of customers in person and there are various ways of doing it. Firstly, you can go and promote your business in different social media sites. You can have contests with limited edition giveaway keys to those who get the biggest Twitter followers. You can make promos on your Facebook and MySpace account and promise to give away freebie to those who get the biggest group of friends. Then, you can go offline and have events. You can go and advertise in local paper, ad in bus and train networks and have contests with products.