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Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it comes up when searches for local services in the search engines. Local SEO is a very important part of your business marketing plan and you should be engaging local SEO strategies, if you want to increase your rankings and traffic. Read on to understand how local search engine optimization helps and supports your small business.


Google Places

When listing your business you will need to choose a description, which should be short and engaging. The description can be up to 160 characters and should be attractive to potential customers. There is a total of 60-80 characters, so use all of this to get a maximum benefit. Not all categories may be right for your business, try different keywords or phrases. The more specific and niche the directory is, the better for your Google Places listing.

Reviews are very important when it comes to developing a directory. Always ask prior customers if they are happy with the website and the service. Usually positive reviews will outweigh bad experiences and it is important to take these reviews into consideration.


Increased search engine traffic

Many smaller businesses are not yet profitable so it is vital that you boost your online presence so that you can attract new customers. Local SEO techniques can achieve this for you. Increasingly, consumers are looking to search out local businesses on the internet before deciding to purchase a product or service. This trend has had a direct result in increased demand for local business listings. Profile websites are rapidly becoming an important source of online traffic and backlinks. If you do not have a company website you can set one up.



Ranking in the search engines has become a complex and confusing process, considering the addition of Google local and Google map listings. These local Google listings offer a considerable advantage over online competition and can be a great way to create a vast amount of additional traffic. An additional benefit of doing local SEO is that customers interested in your products or services may pursue you online.

Some local businesses, however, are still struggling to achieve top rankings. This is often because they have not completely exhausted the online marketing resources that are available to them. Therefore, it is vital that your small business create a complete online marketing strategy, including local SEO, if you want to increase your sales and profits.