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There are mainly 3 searches people perform when they are looking for a local business – Google,Yahoo, and MSN. It is vital you become visible on the internet and appear high on the search engine results. The top ten search engines is where you should be focusing most of your time. Getting listed as close to the top as possible gives more traffic and thus more business. One effective way to do this is to get listed on Google maps. The main reason for doing this is you are a local business and visitors are looking for your local business.


How Search Engines Work

Search engines are the key to getting customers – if you are not on the first page (preferably page one or two) you are missing out on potential business. Search engines have automated robots that spider the internet indexing and playing nice with the search engines. They spider the web and build links to other websites. They can do this recording the date, the type of website, and the email address and type of business. They spider emails and store the details on the search engine. Here are some important factors to consider when optimizing your website for local SEO:


Keywords. You must select keywords that are relevant to your website, market, and business. The more relevant your keywords the higher the search engine ranking.

Description. This is a short description of your business. The search engines display this along with your website in their results.

Keyword Density. This is the number of times your keywords or phrases appear on your webpage. The search engine spider will claim this as relevant when they spider your website. This is a factor in your search engine ranking.

Title. This is a great on-page factor. This is what search engine spiders read when they view your website. Your keywords should appear here. It is absolutely crucial you include your keywords in your title and on your webpage.

Links to your website. Include your keywords in your links to your website.