seo insights
Local or niche search engine optimization refers to the techniques you can use to get your website to rank well in the search engines and for the targeted keywords. An effectively done local SEO campaign can have a big impact on the amount of traffic your website receives both in terms of sales and qualified users. So, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when trying to perform your own local SEO.

Link Building

This is probably the most obvious and the most time went on local SEO tips that you could possibly implement on your website. However, even this one is becoming far too common. Today, more than ever before it is important to build links to your website from other quality and relevant websites. Although there are many ways of achieving this, article marketing, directory submissions, video marketing and so on are some of the easiest. Video marketing is an extremely powerful medium today and the best search engine optimization companies utilize it to promote their clients’ websites. By creating videos and submitting them to video sharing sites, Google can then see that it is actually an important piece of content and one that should be for their search engine users.

On-site Optimization

As far as search engine optimization techniques are concerned, the title tag, the keywords tag, the body text, and even the meta description and meta keywords tag are critical to getting your website ranked well in the search engines. Making sure that your website and it’s pages targets the correct keywords is of the utmost importance. The local SEO algorithm was designed to target local addresses and to bring up map results for the area on the search engines. Updating your website to include your local address can be of great value in the eyes of the search engines. It is critical that you make sure that your website has a local listing and you should see to it that all your information is included exactly as it is provided on your website.


Reviews are very important if you want to achieve online success. No matter how good your search engine optimization campaign is, if your optimization is not done in a way that leaves a positive impact on your customers, you just won’t attract customers and you won’t achieve success.


The general rule for everything in the online realm is that you need to make sure that your Google+ page is up to par. You may have been approached by Google to make sure that you have a Google+ page and you may have been rejected, but it is important that you make sure that your address appears on the page so that it comes up when an individual searches for your business.