link chain

Local search engine optimization is essentially the same as organic search engine optimization, only that you focus on local customers and customers within your area. For example, if your customer base primarily caters to Toronto, you will want to be visible in the search engines for terms such as “Toronto SEO company”. This is more possible if your company has Google listing on the search engines. You will not want to be buried several pages deep in the search engines if your area is limited to Etobicoke, King, and Queens. Keep in mind that when you are optimizing your site, each page can be considered as a landing page. Therefore, you cannot optimize two different pages for the same keywords.

Articles can be a great source for local SEO if you are the owner of a popular business like a restaurant or art gallery. Writing articles with your top target keywords for your business will help you immeasurably, as visitors that find your article through the search engines will be looking for your top keywords. Many SEO’s will write articles and submit them to article directories for you, and some web sites will do the same for you. However, you must contact each of these web sites and tell them about your article. You will need to tell them that it is original content and provide a link to your website. If the webmasters don’t know about your article, they will probably have no problem with giving you a link. However, the quality of the link can become very important.

One very successful way of getting links that have worked for a number of people is to write articles and post them on article directories. These directories usually allow you to leave a link to your website in a resource box. This creates a link from whatever site you are posting to whatever site you are linking to. An article that is well written can usually have a lot of words used in it, and thus, can work as an article directly from the manufacturer’s site.

You can also post comments on blogs. A lot of blogs like blogs that utilize “dofollow” which means that search engines will recognize the URL being used as a link (very important if you want to rank high in some search engines). You can usually gain additional traffic just by commenting on blogs that are in the same niche as you are.

Social bookmarking is another excellent way to get links (if you don’t count the nofollow links, that is). There are dozens, if not hundreds of social bookmarking sites. Most of them are spam, but they can be good for traffic if you manage to score a few links from them.