seo on search bar

Recently, Google announced that it will begin using a generalized map of the internet instead of individual search engine page results. In effect, this means that local search will overtake the general search as the primary means of internet access. This change could affect your business. If your company is already established in a particular local market, your website should become the primary reference for searches in that market. If possible, it should also become the primary means of access to the other main areas of the web. You can certainly take advantage of this by submitting your site to Google’s local business listings. In addition, you can place the Google listing in top categories in Google’s web searches. Thus, it is certain that your business will turn up in the top results even if not the first.

Getting listed in other online local directories is another effective local SEO tactic. You can list yourself in internet directories. An added bonus in internet directories is that you share your directory link on all web pages of your site, increasing the potential of other related sites linking to you. Another strategy for getting high visibility in the local area is to get listed in online yellow pages. If you are not already listed, find out as soon as possible and get listed. The yellow pages are already widely used by local customers, so there is a fair chance that someone will see you there. Be sure to tell the 90’s that you are available to move into a spot a few, especially if you can move into a bigger building. The yellow pages also list your business among other businesses in the area. In this way, customers can recognize your business even if they have no location connection with your site.

Local SEO tactics for your business will also include the postings on your company’s blog. The value of blogging is that search engines such as Google use it to rank sites. If you regularly add fresh and unique content to your blog, you will gain an advantage over other sites, particularly those that are smaller and have not yet become popular. Of course, you have to have keyword-rich content articles that will help you earn top listings in search engines.

As there are only 10 spots on the first page of Google, it is essential that your website land there. That’s where local SEO strategies can give you that edge. Through multiple strategies such as backlinking, posting on blogs, and building links through social media, Google will notice your site, learn about your business, and decides that your website is not suitable for search engine listings.

Keep in mind that local SEO is not a magic bullet to getting your website ranked number one for a certain keyword. It takes a lot of expertise, effort, and time before you can reach that number 1 spot, not to mention that Google takes its sweet time to list new websites. The beauty of local SEO however is that you can start small and get listed on Google local listings for as little as nothing like $10 and eventually build up your monthly expense.