Business thinks twice before spending money in local search engine optimization. However, there are quite a few mistakes that will delay or deter an online marketer from venturing into local SEO. The biggest mistake is not to have your business listed in the local directory. Listing your business in the yellow pages or other traditional methods of listing your business is good, but it is not enough to get your business optimized in the search engines. Another mistake is creating a one-page website. Remember that a local SEO is different from an organic search. Organic searches are those that appear in search engines and information sites, such as Wikipedia, About, and other sites. Local SEO is different because the sites are being created and configured for the user, which means that they can be customized based on the local location of the business. Another mistake is not placing your information in all the places that are available in order to maximize your hits. The key is to spread your information around, to as many places as possible. This has many functions to fulfill other than traditional SEO. Yet another problem is not driving traffic to your site. That is where your local business listing comes in. If you didn’t submit it, you surely will never come up in searches. Finally, there are other online directories that specialize in businesses like yours. You should definitely sign up with one of those. It is a great way to increase publicity and get more customers through direct and personal referrals. That is the golden ticket for businesses, particularly those with online locations.