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Local or geo-targeted search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing a site for a given locality. Local search is often targeted at a local customer set, hence the name. Local SEO is different from Off-Site SEO because more often than not, the efforts being put out to achieve ranking results within a local area will be much more inclined to attract local customers than the efforts put out to target audiences more broadly. The logic here is that the local economy is a smaller place and thus, needs a smaller market to support itself. This means that internet marketers should use their efforts towards optimizing for a local audience. It is easier to achieve ranking results on relatively local keywords or phrases than it is to achieve results on larger or national keywords or phrases. The physical location of the business site makes a difference in the amount of effort that is needed to achieve ranking results. Online marketing efforts are geared more towards the objective of pulling in traffic and sales rather than pushing them out the door. In this manner, local SEO can be viewed as a specifically tailored version of your regular search engine optimization efforts.

In conclusion, local SEO is beneficial to local businesses. Their more localized efforts can be designed to hit keywords and phrases that will lead the kinds of customers that are more likely to frequent your business. Through specific targeting of long-tail keywords by your advertising agency, you can make sure that your business is getting attention it deserves and that it can be found by the kinds of customers who are more likely to buy from you than by anyone else. Be sure that your local listing is complete and clear and that you have made any needed edits to the listing. Be sure that other potential customers can see and navigate through the site easily. And be sure that the online marketing techniques you use are easy for the search engines to distinguish them from the work of a novice.