words in puzzle
There are mainly 3 search engines which are more popularly known and those are Google, Yahoo and MSN. These are all major search engines and all have their own different way of displaying and ranking results. Google is the most popular one of the three and therefore gets a majority of the traffic. In order to rank well on Google we should have a site that is effected by SEO, search engine optimization and a Google listing if we want our site to rank well on Google. We can’t pay much attention to how we rank on other search engines and how many visitors come to our site, as that is already taken care of by Google. We can pay attention to PPC (pay per click) advertising if we Google AdWords.

Keep in mind that a keyword analysis tool will not tell you how to do the SEO of the page. It will tell you when to break it up and what keywords are best to use. It will tell you the volume of traffic that is going to the keyword and how much you could make from that keyword if you had the top spot. You must perform a proper keyword analysis if you want to be number one, or at least be able to stay there. Place the keywords in your header and spread them out in your text. You must have a certain percentage of keywords to the total words you are using. Use the keyword analysis tool to determine what percentage you should be using. If your keyword analysis tool shows that you are overusing your keywords, you should reduce your keyword density. Keyword density is important because if your keyword is not in the right density, it’ll penalize you for over using it. You can try to use your keywords in a density of around 4%. You can break up your keywords with articles. Use your keywords in article titles and in the introduction paragraph. Use the keywords inside out; that’s what is called “keyword density”. That is what search engines look for and you can use that to your advantage. The goal is to slowly increase the reach in your market from the search engines. That’s what it’s all about.