Businesses have come to realize the importance of the internet in today’s technological age. Businesses have realized that many customers are looking online to find their local business instead of using the yellow pages. Unfortunately, many local businesses have not capturing the proactive nature of the internet and SEO.


Here are some ideas where you can begin your local SEO marketing plan:


Yahoo Local

Yahoo Local is a new local search site that has been devoid of many traditional search results. Instead, Yahoo Local has combined with Google Maps and other similar sites, ranking you by the size of your business and certain other factors. Another important feature of Yahoo Local is that it has the potential to expand your social marketing network with its blogging and other social networking sites.


Google Local

Your Google local listing may not appear to you like a Top 10 listing, but it is meant to, in effect, place you in the top 10 companies pertaining to your local search. Search engines have long been used by small business owners as a way to get new customers. In fact, an incredible 80% of web traffic is driven by search engines.


Web directories

Again, more customers come from local search than from the yellow pages. Being listed in directories will bring more traffic than from the phone book or similar sites. Being listed in directories can be very difficult, however, and you should search for directories that are combined with high rankings. Few companies search for individual companies in directories, so aim to combine multiple industry directories and, ideally, combine them with the directory services that you offer.



Almost all companies have blogs. An important component of using blogs as part of your marketing strategy is that they offer a good way of generating inbound links. These links are considered good passes for many search engines, and running a blog during the day can cause your site to rise in the rankings.