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On today’s internet, if you want your business to be found locally, more than likely you will want to use local search engine optimization. Local SEO is a way of optimizing your website or web pages to be listed on the first few pages of the search engine results when a user searches for a related local service. A large majority of people uses the Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find what they need locally. Appearing on the first pages of the search engine results can help you to get high quality business and there is a large amount of benefit to using local SEO.

Google and Yahoo are used by large majority of people in the USA. However, if you are a small business that does not get online and is only found in the local area, then you still want to use these search engines. Being found using local SEO can bring you get a large amount of customers that can become your customers in the future. Google and Yahoo use crawlers that spider the web and build their results using an algorithm that how well your website fits in on a keyword search. There are several ways that you can have your website found on Google and Yahoo.


When you are doing local SEO, you want to pay attention to the following areas:


Google PageRank

Google uses an link analysis algorithm that assigns a number to each website page. If you have more high-power links than a page with a low PageRank, then your page will rank higher on Google. You can use Google tool bar to view the PageRank of any web page. Links from other websites are one of the top factors that Google uses determine the ranking of a website. Be sure to have your links on other reputable websites.

Local Directories

Google also uses directories to improve search results. You can have your website listed in directories like city directories, Google listing, as well as industry specific directories. Most industry directories are directories that have a high PageRank and are doable to get listed in.

Keywords in Contents

Having your keyword phrase in your web content can also be helpful. In addition to enhancing your organic search engine result, it will also let the search engines know what your page is about. To find out about many different keyword phrases, use Google Insights tool. This tool can give you ideas on what your keyword phrase is.

Rank Tracker

In many instances local business owners will not have the time to complete adequate keyword research to find the best keywords to use. The Rank Tracker tool can still be used to get an idea of what keyword phrases are being searched the most. With this tool you can also see how much competition there is for various keywords. It is important to pick keywords that can be easily ranked to get the most traffic.

It is important to note that with the new Google algorithms, local SEO techniques are becoming more and more challenging and it will require professional SEO knowledge to implement the strategies.