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There are mainly 3 searches people perform in Google each time they are looking for local services: full address, local phone number and local city. Every one of these 3 keywords will bring up dozens of sites that are relevant to you, but only one of them will bring up exactly what you are looking for. Without even thinking about the area your business is located in, Google can produce far more relevant results for you than even the most advanced SEO campaign. The trick of course is to know how to find these local SE results. And that is where many local businesses either fail or give up. Instead of wasting more money on SEO efforts that produce little results, it is far better to go for local SEO. Considering that a local internet presence is becoming more and more important in today’s business world, it is incredibly important to invest in local SEO as a campaign.

Google focuses a huge portion of its efforts on local searches, and likely this is one of the main reasons why local SEO is getting a lot of attention right now. Going further, recent reports indicate that more people are using local searches to find businesses than ever before. Building a strong local presence is important because more and more people are using the internet to find local services, instead of the phone book. Getting a top listing in the local results can be incredibly valuable to business owners, as many people are looking to find local businesses to do business with. Also, more and more people are using the internet to find actual local businesses than ever before, including online reviews on Yelp and other similar sites. If your business is not listed in the top listings in Google local then you are missing out on roughly 44% of potential business. If you are not on top in Google local at the moment you are losing out on an incredible amount of potential business. When you consider that the entire world uses internet on a daily basis, this 44% suddenly adds up to a huge amount of potential business. Google places massive importance on local business listings, especially if you want to attract more customers. While doing so you need to do a local search for your business, so that you can bring in the people that are more likely to need your services. If you are working on getting your business listed on Google places, then you will want to make sure that you use the NAP, (name, address, phone number) like you would in the past. This will make it easier for Google to verify your listing.

Be sure that when you are using local SEO, that you use different keywords than you did in your main SEO. The keywords you use in your main SEO may not be appropriate for local searches, and you may have people who are searching for what you are selling, but they will be going after a different keyword than what you were specifically targeting. It is very important to make sure that you use different descriptions as often as possible. The more descriptions you use, the better. Writing a good description containing both a keyword and a keyword or keyword phrase will help you to attract more relevant traffic. This is especially helpful if your business has a lot of locations.