seo keywords

There are several different tactics that you can use in your local search engine optimization. By utilizing all of these methods, you increase your chances of getting a higher listing with the search engines. Here are the most important methods to keep in mind when performing local SEO.

1. First, you need to determine your location in the eyes of the search engines. This is easily done by going to the Google map and inputting your home location. Then move on to the Yahoo map by inputting your business address. While on the Yahoo map, you can input your business address again by using the link found on the top center of the page.

2. Get listed in free local directories. Some of the more popular ones include City Search, Yellow Pages, and SuperPages. There are also some that charge a fee. Like the directories mentioned, there are also free web sites that will submit your information to the search engines. This can be done quite easily by visiting the the search engine and inputting your business address, or specialty.

3. Use keywords with local intent. This means that when customers search with keywords that have local intent, your business will be more likely to score higher than businesses that do not have any locality listed as part of the keyword.

4. Generate links with your listing. The more links you have the better because it gives you a better chance of being crawled by the search engine spiders. You can accomplish this by having your contact information on every page of your website.

5. If you read blogs and online articles with content related to your industry, offer to exchange links with the writer. The only way to get a link to your business is if you agree to have an onsite link to their website. Do not discount the value of someone that will let you have a link to your website. They are doing you a favor by saving you the extra effort of doing it yourself.

6. Use your keywords in your onsite content. While you will eventually have to put more information into the meta tag area for the search engines to find you, once you have your keywords dripped in your meta tag area the search engines will find your keywords everywhere. Do not overdo it in the meta tag area. Just use as many of your keywords as possible in your meta tag description and it will make your site seem more relevant to those types of searches.

7. Make sure that you domain name has your keyword in it. If you are starting a new website and have no domain name to match the keyword, you have to get creative. You can buy a domain name that contains your keywords.

8. Get links from other sites. When you are getting links in your market, it is important that the links are from other sites in your market. The more relevant the site linking to you is, the better off you will be. If you sell dog supplies and you are linked to a site that sells car parts, that is not so good. The links should be in the actual content, not on a link page.

9. Use your keywords in your title. This is one of the easiest items to do. Just make sure you stay away from four or five words long titles. You can’t beat out the whole world for a four or five keyword title.