There are many companies out there that have built themselves up using top SEO tools but without a local base of clients to push the marketing strategy forward, it looks all lost. Keeping a website up to date with the latest SEO techniques and technologies is vital to keep the site true to it’s pro potential visitor. Without a base of local customers to depend on the new generation of SEO, techniques can be risky to say the least. In this article, I will attempt to explain what local SEO is and why it is important. Here are some of the important things for local SEO:

1. Social Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, not even close to Facebook search. Facebook is where you find out about Facebook. For small business owners, it is also a great source of leads. Twitter is another site that has become popular with small business owners. This is a good site to lead new customers to. You can post sales jobs and find new clients through Twitter.

2. Article Marketing

The web has an almost endless number of directories that allow you to submit your company information. The main page allows you to put your company information but there are also other pages that you can submit your company details to like Google listing. Avoid directories that you don’t need or you won’t benefit from. By the end of your article directories, there should be a link to your website. This will increase your Google ranking.

3. What’s in a Name?

When you are choosing a company name, don’t just pick a name. A name can be a major factor in your SEO.

4. Link Building

One of the most important Google search engine optimization techniques is backlinks. The number of backlinks your website has is the number of potential visitors it will attract. If your website has more backlinks than another site, then your site will be visited by more people. When you are choosing a host, keep this in mind. A good website host should give you the ability to post in your own business description. This is the search term customers use and this is what will draw them to your website.

5. Keyword Research

Before you kick off your online marketing campaign, you will need to make sure that you have the words that people use that will bring them to your website. You can use free keyword research tools that will fill in all the necessary information pertaining to your company.

6. Your URL

After you have chosen your keywords, you will need to find a domain name that adequately represents your brand. If you are starting your very first company it is wise to choose something you can easily remember.

7. Finding a Professional

Finally, you have managed to get all the info you need regarding your business. No matter what you do, how complex this process sounds, I am sure you can manage to get your small business on the search engine map. Just keep to these tips and you will be on your way to creating your own personalized SEO company.