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Businesses have come to realize that the internet is the new frontier of sales. We are no longer competing with traditional methods of marketing such as the Yellow Pages. Everybody is denting heavily on SEO (search engine optimization) and local search to achieve new sales and profits. In many cases, the small business owner has next to no knowledge of, or time spend on, search engine optimization. They have a website built and have a contact person or presence on the website. So why do they need a local SEO? Well, their website is a train wreck. It is old, has all the wrong colors, and the background is boring. Yes, it looks good, but to most browsers it is just a outdated brochure. In other words, potential clients and customers will not know that its there. Only a few will know.

Before the advent of the internet, the marketing mediums were the Yellow Pages. You knew that the addition of the internet reduced the yellow pages advertisements but at the same time it also increased their audience. On the internet, being ranked higher on search engines (for example Google or Yahoo) means more people are visiting your site. Now the question is, how can I get my website to rank high on search engines? Here are some tips:

1. Claim Your Google Local Listing

A local listing has a lot to do with search engine rankings, but its also about more than just standing out on Google. This internet marketing strategy involves optimization, often called local search engine optimization. It is about making Google aware that your business is so specific to a geographic area that it is a better marketing message for someone searching for a “local” product or service to fix instead of a larger, national company. Strangely, local listings often come up on the first page of Google search results. Because of the way Google works, the closer you are to the top, the more likely someone will click on your website.

2. Complete the Local Profile

Make sure you are among the few businesses that have a physical presence in the greater Columbus area and have done consistently at the very least since 2003. By doing this, you should receive a local map that you can list your business with (to beat drawing maps by people from other cities). A few things to point out: be sure to include your website address on the description page of your local business listing. Also, make sure that you are using the same address on all other website pages, not just the one right at the top of the listing. Google tries to “spider” the internet for new locations and will fill in that address if it sees one.

3. Use Local Keywords

This is something that the big search engines were wise to ago. Of course, now they want you to do more than point two sentences in a blog or say it in the buttered butter capital letters at the top of your site, but use the keywords local people will use in seeking out the competition. This makes a huge difference in how the listing is ranked.

4. Be Creative!

Content is King. When listing your business include some features/special offers, possible ways to get your company seen by the public, free and hard promotions, special discount items, coupons and coupons. Make your listing different than the ones already on the internet and make sure you make it worth someone’s time to look at. Think of new ways to bring people in, create new entry points in your information to bring people in faster, kill two birds with one stone. Think out of the box, look for new ways to attract new visitors to your listings and invite them to tell others about your listing to help get you hired by the top companies in the area.

5. Make Your Business Stand Out

Another thing that will set you apart from non- listings is you will be incorporated in the high traffic, niche related issues. If you offer a service, use terms that bring people back to your site like professional, legitimate, best, company. If you create a blog, have one topic that comes up on the page and use pictures that are linked to the listings or links with key players in the industry. With the right blend of headlines, copy and action, you will often outrank sites that offer the same as you do.