search engine optimization
Local or geo-targeted search engine optimization involves optimizing your website within your site theme to gain the maximum position in search engines for locally relevant keywords/phrases. An advantage of gaining the best position in search engines is that it can create increased traffic to your site from both local and international searchers. A local SEO is very different from a global SEO, as there are numerous differences between the two of them. Many people make the mistake of optimizing their website for global search but lose sight of local traffic. If local traffic is not targeted properly it will create more damage to the site then promising more traffic with a global campaign. So local optimization that focuses on a local site theme to bring more traffic to a site will be a lot more successful. A local SEO will use on-site optimization techniques to make the required changes. The team will optimize the site as per the local sites and Google algorithms. The work of a local SEO will include the following techniques:

1) Submit your site in local directories

Most people don’t realize that it is a vital part of local traffic and success to submit to local directories. In fact, it may be even one of the most important parts. There are thousands of local directories available on the internet and submitting in them increases your visibility considerably.

2) Use of keywords

Use common keywords that people will use when looking for their locality. This way people can find their way round your site and the trips will be more targeted.

3) Importance of title tags

Place keywords in the Title tag. It is likely that your website presents more than 100 topics and the search engine spiders will try to locate every page in your site with the Title tag as well as the page name.

4) Use alt text

If you want to place a large graphic on your site, but your ANDALT tag isn’t large enough, use that alt tag to place keywords.

5) Make your site Google Map friendly

There are lots of off-page elements that can be added to this page, all of which can improve your position on the SERPs. Gain a few hints from Google’s help pages, to better understand how to get your site listed. In particular, understand the TOS and Rules Plagiarism, which if you have not already done so, I strongly recommend that you do so.