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Even though you can get local traffic from organic SEO rankings, you cannot overcompensate for a poor search engine ranking. If your business is ranking 20th for your targeted keyword, that’s not good. It is, however, better than being nowhere at all. It usually takes several months and plenty of backlinks to get those first-place rankings. In many cases, it could take years. But it’s worth the effort when you start getting more local traffic. Your link building efforts will pay off for many, many reasons. The great thing about local SEO, unlike organic SEO, is that you can focus on local keywords. This means you’ll need to pick out your target market and spend time doing your research. Find out who your customers are, where they shop, and what they want. Then, write your website copy to address their needs. Be sure you offer them the goods and services they are looking for.


Here are the 5 simple steps to local SEO:

1. Identify your audience

You’re the best judge of your target audience is your customer. By gauging their likes and dislikes and what makes them feel that this product is something they can do something about.

2. Explore keywords

Your website content ultimately comes down to your keywords and key phrases. Alt tags are one of the best places to invent the keywords of your future. Use free online keyword tools to find the best keywords for your site.

3. Register for Google local business center

Have you ever wondered why some sites come up number 1 on Google when you search for their keywords? They are listed in Google’s local business listings. It’s one of the easiest ways to be found.

4. Claim your profile

Google lets you register your business profile to be found in a local search. This gives you a BIG advantage. You’ll also want your Google local business number to be real, not a toll-free number. It distorts your local ranking results sometimes. It’s also important that you have your pictures on your profile. Pictures can make or break you locally. We have seen people show up on the local listings with all their pictures but their phone numbers were nowhere to be found.

5. Reviews

I’ve noticed a few reviews on certain prominent local sites right below the local listings. It seems like Google gives some weight to Google local listings when it comes to ranking listings.