seo keywords
There’s local and then there’s global. Local SEO is the attempt to rank one’s website in relation to keywords that have local intent. In other words, ones target for a certain keyword in their market will likely gain first page positioning in the local market. This local targeting requires solid research to identify the terms customers use to search for businesses such as yours. This takes a lot of skill as well as time and dedication. For those businesses that specialize in local materials, such as pest control companies, the opportunity to show up in the first page of Google when customers search for their kind of services is minimal. These websites only have one aim: to reach the greatest number of potential customers.

So, how does one take advantage of this situation?

The key is to steer clear of the national and global searches that dominate the engine results. At the same time, one must compete equally hard for top placements in the local searches. While doing so, it is essential to have a business website with the ability to attract the type of customers that the local competition has ignored. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Perhaps the most obvious, but certainly the most highly lucrative, is to create a landing page. A landing page is a single page that almost automatically appears for the search terms that one would expect to be directing to a single website.

2) Satisfy the search engines. Make certain that the search engines can crawl your local business website and that you have no duplicate content. The various search engines have various crawling criteria that they use to allow them to return the best results for a particular search. It will be necessary for you to test each local market to determine what types of business keywords would be most beneficial to your website.

3) Get listed on the major local online directories. When you’re trying to promote your distinctive local business, such as an Italian restaurant or a targeting brick-and-mortar locations, too many businesses miss the boat on becoming part of the online directories.

4) To maximum effect, local keywords should be integrated into all of your web pages. This has been a major drawback for businesses that end up basically missing out on number of customers because their web pages can’t be found by Google and other search engines. One should perform keyword research as well as perform some level of search engine optimization on their web site in order to get the best results. Remember that if your website is not ranked in the top pages of the local search results, then you are probably not getting the traffic that you perhaps could be.


In conclusion, a local SEO is probably out of the question for the moment. However, when Google makes changes to its search algorithm again (which it does quite often), and another Google comes along, who knows what form of organic SEO you may need to put in place.