seo keywords
Local SEO, more commonly referred to as geo-targeted SEO, is a technique used to make sure individual web pages are found by the search engine when searched. Local SEO utilizes the local information available online to target users to a certain location. Here’s a few examples of local SEO techniques:

1) Targeting geographically specific keywords within the web design process, you will find that some web design parameters are better to create with regional specific keywords in mind. For example, if you are offering a local service within a specific city and a SEO strategy has been developed for the process, the website should display the regional information online as well as the company’s physical location.

2) Getting listed on local directories and websites. This local business listing principle is fairly new. There are traditional local directories such as Yahoo! Local, Yellow Pages, Google Places, and the like, which are free to list your business and get listed. Some of these directories have business listings that are free to post and are also free for the user to update their own business details.

3) Paying for local advertising. Words such as pay per click and pay per visit can be used to promote your business and get targeted traffic to your site. These are targeted traffic listings that generally won’t cost you a fee since there is an arrangement between the advertiser and the owner of the web or other service used for the advertisement. It is also important to note that local advertising will drive traffic to your site, you just need to find ways to get the ads to show in the local area where your business is located.

4) Use the social media to promote your business. Individuals are using the social media to promote their local business, for example: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like. Such social networks will also allow you to promote your business offline. In the mean time, create social accounts for your business such as a Facebook page or a Twitter account and add a profile picture for your business. Adding relevant videos can also do magic in promoting your business offline. Posting the right videos for your business and asking customers to connect and view them can bring you online success.