seo related keywords


Local or geo-targeted search engine optimization has become a very important aspect of a search engine optimization campaign. Local search engine optimization can be used to generate local traffic, encourage repeat visits by visitors, and generate more revenue from whatever source you select. If your business primarily targets visitors in your locality, it will be much easier to obtain a high ranking on major search engines for local phrases. Geo-targeting can be very helpful for businesses that are operating in a highly specialized niche, or targeting a highly specialized market. Many websites compete for high rankings in a national or international market. If your competitors lack local SEO listings, they will probably have a distinct advantage which can be passed on to your website. Listing with the second or third tier search engines can be very helpful, but their market share can be small. If your business is local, your chances of ranking well are much better because not only are many other local businesses already listed with them, but many are also listed. Again, achieving a high ranking can be easier with a local SEO campaign. By attracting visitors from a particular region, your business is also attracting visitors from a regional market.



Geo-targeting your keywords can be a challenging task. You need to choose the right categories, and you need to make sure that your website appears in the proper categories. If these are not available through your existing marketing plan, you might have to opt for them from the beginning. AdWords and True Local offer some traffic monitoring options to help you keep track of your traffic. Optimizing your website by using geo-targeted keywords can be time consuming and take up a lot of your time. If you choose to go this route, be sure to choose the right categories for your keywords. Space these out between your product descriptions and marketing paragraphs, ensuring that they don’t detract from the natural flow of information on your page.


Title Tags

The title tag is the first place most search engine crawlers look when they are trying to determine the subject and content of your web page. You can take a look at your current listings and see how they have used your title tags in the HTML source code. Your title tags should be much more detailed and should describe your web page in more detail, than the page description you used for the listing. You can use the description tag to provide the words that visitors will see when they find your listing within the search engine results. Other things you can do to help include making sure that all of your title tags are closed, using descriptive text for any images used, and making sure that you use keywords in all of your titles.


Examine Your Website

When you have a website, it’s always important to examine your website as well as your competitors for items that could be added to the website to optimize it. There are numerous problems you can have in your website that prevent it from being ranked with the search engines.