Finding your website on top of the local search engines using targeted keywords can be accomplished. The science of local SEO is relatively easy to understand, when you know what to do. In order to get your site to show up on the front page, use 3 proven techniques:


1. Keywords in the domain name

If you’re in Denver, buy the domain Denver SEO. If the domain name is available, use it. The more important channel to get your site to show up in the organic search results for Denver search engine optimization is to have the keyword in the domain name.


2. Keywords in the URL

When you build your web pages, make sure you use the keywords in the URL. Let’s say that you’re optimizing for the keyword “Denver SEO”, URLs that have the words SEO in the URL, such as Denver SEO web design will have a much better chance of showing up when someone does a search for the specific keywords “SEO”.


3. Backlinks with the right anchortext

Let’s say that your site has been built to show up in the organic search results for the keyword “Denver SEO” and you have used the exact words in your link anchortext to build your ranking. When Google index the links, it will see that you are trying to rank for the word and you’ll get that spot.