geo targeting
Local or geo-targeted search engine optimization has become a real crucial part of any SEO campaign. However if your business only targets people in your local area you may overlook these aspects. In many cases people don’t even realize that they can localize their search or that they can change their keywords in a search engine to reach a more local audience. Here’s a couple of easy ways to geo-targeting and reaching your audience with local SEO:

Think geographically

You would be surprised how many websites can do this with their very first page; some of them already do it. When I work on these sites it always comes back to a common theme; the fact that they have been targeting a local customer base or area. If your website is not targeting your local area it’s perhaps because you haven’t located the right area yet or it may be because you are not sure how to best target your local audience. Therefore it’s important to make sure that you site can be found in local maps, directories, and the top regional search engines. Another option is to integrate a local mapping service that puts your business on Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Bing. So if someone is looking for you or your business it’s easy to find.

Add local content to your website

By adding local information to your website such as a phone number, address, hours and other relevant geo-location of your business, it is not only going to be easier for people to find you but it’s going to help further to optimize your site. Some of the same techniques such as creating relevant content for your local area can be used to boost your local search engine optimization.

Go Local and Social

Have you ever thought about how great it would be if your business changed formats and started being more of a local business? If you have a list of local clients then you should include them in your local Facebook groups. If you are a website designer, you should imp-lead your clientele to sign up for your Facebook page and encourage them to connect you online. There are a lot of other ways to get your business out there and linking your website to your Facebook page can help you boost your rankings.

If you can offer your local audience various formats to help them locate your business, then you are bound to notice that there are more customers at your door than you could ever reach out to through the internet. You need to look at search engines as not everyone uses them the same way. In fact, there is an vast divide between those who are using a search engine and those who are not. By paying attention to those who are interested in a local business, you can be sure that you are tapping into a market that is very interested in your services. Now, that you understand the importance of reaching out to your local audience, it’s time to do it and be noticed!