Many small businesses benefit greatly through local SEO. For example, a natural food store will garner more visitors if their website is listed in the first page of the major search engines when an individual search for a “natural food store”. The key to successful local SEO is to get your business listed in the free listings of local business listings of the major search engines–Google, Yahoo, and MSN. All three of the major search engines will bring you free traffic and if your site is optimized for the keywords you wish to show up for in the search engines, you will get to attract shoppers to your website. If you are tech-savvy, you can go online and see for yourself the results that the top three search engines–Google, Yahoo, and MSN, are known to provide when a person searches for the keywords that you wish to optimize your site for.

Google is the search engine that is primarily used by individuals. You will find that Google, with a projected 75% of the market share (inheritors), haves its own algorithms–formulas that help it to know what sites are favorites when people search for various keywords. The top ten sites that appear on Google’s page one are not there by accident. Search engine optimization companies know how Google works and can influence Google’s algorithm to the benefit of your website. By optimizing your website for Google’s algorithm, you can get the phone ringing more often than if you didn’t use local SEO. Doing so will help you to get discovered more easily by qualified people searching for your services.


Here are two major strategy for a successful local SEO:


Get indexed

You want the search engines to know that your site is out there. You want them to know that it’s amply worthwhile being linked to. Be sure to use keywords when linking to other pages. Linking is another important factor in getting noticed by the search engines.

Local blogs

Blogs are a great way to get your business out in the open and get the word out about your business. Simply load your blog with relevant content about your company and your services. Make sure that you include your business address in the blog and that you use keywords that you want to be found for.